Claudia Calamia.

I’m Claudia, and I come from Italy, a country hanging to Europe but surrounded by sea for the most part.
So, how can I not love this huge blue resource? Therefore, my the desire to preserve the sea and the environment around us flows in the project ‘Sea is Life 8’ on the Murter island.

Graduated in Industrial Design in Turin, I firmly believe in the design as a state of passive education, in which shape and function, through the correct affordance, can influence people behaviour toward a consciousness lifestyle.
The target of a project, be it a product or a service, can’t longer just satisfy the user because a product is born, grows and dies and in its life cycle it meets several requirements, including energy and environmental resources ones.
I think children are the perfect target in order to start the change because people can read, study and write about it, but children love learning by doing! As the designer Bruno Munari said “Understanding what art is is a (useless)
concern of the adult. Understanding how to do it is instead a genuine interest of the child“.

I desire the environmental sustainability becomes the focus of my career and I would like to actively take part in the change. So, spending these months in the EVS experience with Aronauta can only get me closer to the goal!

Argonauta je član.

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