Beatriz Valenzuela – Španjolska.

Piše: Michela Facciotti — 19. prosinca, 2018.

November 2011 – November 2012

[My favourite job-related activity was] my Personal Photography Project, which I did with the oldest people in the town. And also the work that we made with children, from teaching spanish to the smallest ones to go by the institutes to present Argonauta…

Doing my volunteer work on the island of Murter, it was the best experience of my life. It was a very happy time and I learned to develop as a person in a new environment for me. I met very nice people, I knew a great country and I discovered many things about life. I am convinced that Croatia helped me to be a better person today. I am very grateful to Ivona, Maja, Martina, Lovro, Luka, Sanja, Clement, Aureline, Claudia, ÇiÇi and many more friends … and I remember a lot of those years there. The truth is that I have very good memories, I had a great time and I would love to return. Lots of kisses for everyone…

“Describe your time in Argonauta with a word.” “AMAZING!!”


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