Small collectors visit the local collection.

Piše: Serena Lisai — 13. April, 2018.

At the end of the school week, students of the third grade of the Primary School Murterski kaki finished the day with a visit to the Local Collection of Mudronje Raca, together with teacher Lucija Banov Markov, and the topic was “Small Collectors”. Since most of them were visiting the Collection for the first time, it was important to bring them closer to the collection and collectibles, so the Argonauta association’s employees, basing on the exhibits, showed and explained which of these items can be or become part of a collection. We concluded the tour of the Collection with a story about this interesting hobby, and we discovered details of some of their interesting items.

In the end, the educative workshop was spiced up with a creative work in which children created their own collection based on the prepared material, resulting in a number of imaginative solutions that may eventually reveal some future collectors. We have said goodbye with a common photo and we agreed to reunite again. Thanks to the Treasurers and their Teacher.

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