Piše: Silvia Ros — 31. May, 2019.

On Saturday, students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb participated in the “Blue Project” to educate children, during the Eco-patrola session, about the first aid and the problem of the protection of dolphins and sea turtles.

We have already had the opportunity in previous eco-patrols to find that dolphins are children’s most desirable marine animals. Unfortunately, dolphins are harmed on a daily basis due to human influence (network and intentional killing). Students have introduced us with the mobile application “CroDophin Little”, whith whom we can inform exactly where and when we saw dolphins, then help with the monitoring of these protected species of whales.

The other endangered animal is the sea turtle. Sea turtles are often victims of marine vessels, pollution (often replacing floating plastic bags with honeycomb, prey marine turtles), hurting the hooks, and accidentally catching nets. Since these animals are cold-blooded, their healing time lasts a little longer. The best condition for the recovery of the injured turtles is provided by the Sea Turtle Recovery Center located in Pula, “Aquarium Pula”. A team of veterinarians and biologists apply all the knowledge and skills to cure the injured animals and bring them back to the sea. The turtle release event has evolved into a real event where every year more and more people and tourists participate. It is precisely the best way to educate and raise awareness of the importance of protecting these beautiful animals.

Children received promotional cards with sea harmed turtle print on it, which they can send or give to their friends and families who have no chance to see it often. They also got promotional t-shirts and the task of telling at least one friend what they learned.

The most important thing is that people do not act disconcertingly when they see a wounded animal, but make the emergency call to 112 more urgently.

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