News from the archaeological site “Colentum”.

Piše: Mertcan Cilgin — 25. July, 2019.

The swing made from the driftwood, “Trip to the history of Murter on Wednesdays,” the prize game, the decorated archaeological beach and the souvenirs inspired by Colentum are part of the novelties of the Colentum archaeological site!

The Tourist Association of Murter-Kornati, the Murter-Kornati Municipality, the Argonauta Association, the Museum of the City of Šibenik and its associates through the above-mentioned initiatives this summer have made Colentum a bit more attractive, more attractive and mysterious!

It is currently in the process of being “Excursion to Murter’s History on Wednesdays”, an educational excursion organized by the TZO Murter-Kornati to promote the cultural and historical heritage of Murter. When visiting Colentum, visitors and tourists will have the opportunity to hear some of the historical facts about this locality and learn something new. Also, you will have the chance to try the beach swing set up on the archaeological beach, but also buy some of the souvenirs of the Colentum site.

It’s also a game of “Flavours from the amphora”, so do not miss your chance for a free dinner in one of the top restaurants in Murter or Kornati, and in August we’ll go for the “Night of the Colentum”!

These initiatives have also led to some new ideas, so follow us through social networks, the web, travel with us in the past of Colentum and support the creation of the future of this site!

Preporučamo pročitati.

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