Argonauta’s guest appearance at Adventurica in Šibenik – workshop “Feed on bird feeder branch”.

Piše: Mertcan Cilgin — 19. December, 2019.

Our workshop “Feeding the Birds on a Branch of a Bird Feed” was held yesterday as part of Adventurica in Šibenik. The workshop was held at the Matija Gallery where children made bird feeders made of natural materials that are 100% compostable. With this workshop, we wanted to show the children that with a little effort and imagination they can do something beautiful and useful. We decided to give this Advent a gift of nature, of which we are endowed with gifts every day, and to help our birds find food to help winterize this winter. After the kids had made their feeders, we set them up in Adventura park and decorated the beautiful Šibenik Park a little more. This way we would like to thank the entire Adventurica team, and especially Vinka Skorić for the invitation. We believe that the children learned something and enjoyed it, so did we, and our birds will enjoy it the most.

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