Action Re-loaded/7Rs.

Do we know that 1 ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees; energy we save when we recycle one glass bottle is enough to light a light for 4 hours or that recycling conserves natural resources like water, air, minerals?
Special focus should be put on single steps that every person can undertake to reduce their eco-footprint on the planet. This will mean simple rules that everyone can follow every day in order to make sure that we maintain good environmental status. We have become a over-consumable society and environemnt is suffering strong.
Each week we put bags out by the curb that garbage truck comes and take away, and we forget about them: out of sight=out of mind. But where does it go? And what would happen if nobody comes to take it away? We’d be forced to think about it constantly. And when we really look at what we throw away, we can see that most of our garbage isn’t really garbage at all, but rather reusable, recyclable materials. Every garbage bag contains valuable resources and energy that we are throwing away every day. When you recycle products you use every day, like cardboard boxes, milk jugs, cans, you give new life to items that used to be thrown away, saving energy and helping lower greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Youth should have the chance to learn this facts in order to save the future of the planet.

Therefore the project will provide space for learning about these themes recycling, environment protection and garbage selection and removal and the benefits we gain from it. Also it will allow discussion on what measures can be undertaken around Europe by environmental organizations to reduce the garbage production in areas affected by migrants.

Active participation of youth in environmental protection is of great importance for the future of Europe. Environment does not recognize borders and only international cooperation can lead to saving what the nature has given to us. The project will help youth get better picture about global challenges of sustainable development and climate change which are in front of humanity. Through the project participants will gain the motivation to become key environmental agents in their own local communities, become active since they will learn how big the impact we leave on Earth with our individual actions is, and they will understand the motto of “think globally – act locally”. The project will give them opportunity to practice and develop social skills; boost their self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction; they will practice teamwork, presentation, public speaking, problem solving, creative work which will provide them natural sense of accomplishment.

On the other hand through taking part in this project youngsters will experience and learn more about tolerance, respect and social cohesion as all activities in the time table promotes these values. We will inspire youngsters to get involved and take active part in society as active citizens, improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, promote diverse cultures and traditions and social inclusion, tolerance and respect and present European cooperation in youth field. All in all, the project will fully contribute to the objectives of the ERASMUS+.

CILJEVI: The objectives of the project are: to raise awareness of 35 youngsters about the benefits of recycling, reusing of garbage, garbage selection and garbage removal; to broaden participants knowledge and to introduce the topic of environment protection and sustainable development; to tackle participants creativity and to engage them in creating workshops and games for kids (age 6- 12) related to 7R concept; to implement at least 4 local workshops with local kids/students; to create reusable bags from old t-shirts and donate them to the local community shops; to provide space for promotion of Cultural diversity in Europe and intercultural understanding between youngsters coming from different social, cultural, religious background; to discuss how 7R can be achieved in migrants crises and what can be further done by youth in areas affected by migrants.

KORISNICI: 35 young persons age from 18 till 25 years old from 7 countries: Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Portugal and Spain.

PARTNERI: EXPERIMENTACULO ASSOCIACAO CULTURAL Portugal; ZDRUZENJE NA GRAGANI KREATOR KUMANOVO Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Fundatia EYP Romania Romania; Zachodniopomorska Wojewódzka Komenda Ochotniczych Hufców Pracy w Szczecinie Poland; Akdeniz Ucuncu Goz Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi Turkey; ASOCIACION CULTURAL SENDE Spain.

DONATORI: European Commission through program Erasmus+ implemented in Croatia by Agency form Mobility and EU Programs

TRAJANJE: 1st March - 31st October, 2018


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