Archaeological Treasure Colentum 6.

NGO Argonauta is carrying out a project with the Municipality of Murter – Kornati, project Archaeological Treasure Colentum 6 – an encouragement in the sustainable development of local cultural and historical heritage resources. Project is supported by Ministry of regional development and EU founds within the Budget of Republic of Croatia for year 2017.

The main goal of the project ATC6 is a contribution to the valorization of the cultural and natural heritage of the Colentum archaeological site through the animation and education of the landowners on Gradina hill, the promotion of volunteerism in the local community and the networking of stakeholders from the private, public and non-profit sector.

The ATC 6 project includes the following activities:

  1. Initial meeting and presentation of the project with owners of land parcels on Gradina hill in Murter
  2. Research on plant cultures in the area of Gradina hill in Murter
  3. Voluntary cleaning action on a selected land plot at Colentum
  4. Redesigning the portal

The project will be carried out in cooperation with the LAG 249, the architect Vinko Peračić, the Murter-Kornati Tourist Board, the Agricultural Cooperative Kornati and the Murter-Kornati Municipality as a partner. The project will be implemented on the island of Murter and will help establish and develop co-operation among stakeholders in the local community.







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