Dry stone wall extravaganza 3.

EVS “Dry stone wall extravaganza 3” project aims at promoting Archaeological site Colentum as a valuable part of Europe’s cultural heritage. The project will take place in Murter (Murter Island, Croatia) during the one month. The objective of the project is to improve knowledge and raise awareness about the values of cultural/archaeological heritage as common European value and its potential in terms of sustainable development of rural communities. The fifteen young participants from Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Bulgaria will help to host organization in renewing dry stone walls surrounding the site.

Volunteers will use their creativity and the knowledge about the history of Colentum they’ll get during this month to add content and improve Strategic Action Plan for development of Colentum. Volunteers will organize different activities to get local/regional community and visitors aware of the values and potentials of a cultural/archaeological value. Volunteers will benefit from the project in personal, professional, and social development; partner organizations (sending and hosting) will establish strong relations in the civil sector. The aims of project activities are to encourage the participation of young people in sustainable development, to motivate local/regional young people for active participation in order to ensure them working place (in community-based local business) and to raise awareness about local resources that are still not recognized as economic development factors. We also want to present the EVS and Erasmus Plus programme as an efficient tool for the development of European common interest such as cultural heritage.

GOALS: To promote the Colentum archaeological site as a valuable part of Europe's cultural heritage; enhance knowledge and raise awareness of cultural/archaeological heritage values ​​and their potential for sustainable rural development; encouraging young people for civic activism and volunteerism; presenting opportunities under Erasmus+.

USERS: 5 civil society organizations and 15 young people between the ages of 18 and 30, from Italy, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey. Indirect beneficiaries: a local community of Murter Island, the youth of Murter Island.

PARTNERS: Associazione di promozione sociale Joint from Italy, Semper Avanti Stowarzyszenie from Poland, Alternatives International from Bulgaria, Asociación Arrabal-AID from Spain, Akdeniz Ucuncu Goz Egitim ve Genclik Dernegi from Turkey.

DONORS: Agency for Mobility and EU Programs within the EU Program “Erasmus +”.

DURATION: 01 May 2017 - 31 December 2017.

BUDGET: 15.660,00 EUR

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