Kornati – it’s important to know the sea 5.

After the success of the first four editions of the project “Kornati – važno je o moru znati” (“Kornati – It’s important to know the sea”), Argonauta is carrying out a fifth edition. One component of the project is Murter’s eco-patrol, which consists in educational workshops held with children every Saturday, and the organization is also preparing some puppet shows and educational excursions to the Kornati Islands, traditionally held in June.

The goal of the project is to strengthen the awareness of the value of nature and specifically of Kornati islands, through educational trips and programs; educational puppet shows about biodiversity and protection of the sea; and a little eco-school, Murter’s eco-patrol, that consists in weekly extracurricular activities for primary school children.

Component I:

During the educational excursions in National Park Kornati, children will be shown the importance of nature protection through geology, terrestrial and marine biology, cultural and historical heritage, and fieldwork demonstrations about marine biology. The implementation of educational programs will include in the same group children with special needs and gifted children, thus creating a new attitude towards diversity and encouraging mutual support.

Component II:

“The marvelous world of the Kornati underwater” is a series of educational picture books about the protection of marine ecosystems and about the biological diversity of the sea narrated through the experience of sea turtles. The picture books also served as an inspiration for two ecological puppet shows: “The Watery Story – The journey of the Bistrica” and “Sea is Life”. The performances will be held in front of a large number of children, and will take place in the Sibenik-Knin County during the spring 2019. The show will be a tool to introduce preschool and primary school children in an interesting way to the topic of nature protection and to the importance of preserving marine biodiversity.

Component III:

“Murter’s eco-patrol” is intended for a group of primary school pupils from the primary schools of Murter and Vjekoslav Kaleb. The conductors will develop an interdisciplinary educational program (biology, geography, ecology) in cooperation with partners and collaborating organizations (JU NP Kornati and primary school Murterski skoji), half of which will be based on fieldwork (shoreline cleaning, dolphin watching, maintenance of marine aquariums, manteinance of small collection of invertebrates, bird watching, spotting and solving ecological problems in the local community, etc.).







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