Youth 4 C.

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water, and over three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. It influence on climate and weather, even the quality of the air people breathe, but today oceans are facing significant problems and have been heavily affected by human activities, including fishing, coastal development and pollution from shipping, plastic pollution etc. That’s why we want to encourage 40 youngsters age 18 to 25 with their leaders coming together from Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia and Moldova to become active in finding solutions in marine/water problems, to learn not just about the importance of the marine/water environment and its protection, but also about the tolerance and respect between each other and the importance of cooperation, because sea/rivers does not recognize borders and very often – only international cooperation can lead to saving what the nature has given to us. Interesting creative and non-formal workshops based on the concept of learning by doing will be implemented from 7th to 16th September 2018 in Murter – Croatia, and will provide participants opportunity to learn about nature, environment and how important is to take care of our planet. Through the various educative, creative, practical workshops and non-formal methods of learning participants will practice their presentational, organizational, creative and animation skills, enrich their knowledge on environmental topics, learned how to reduce their footprint on the planet, how to preserve nature, they will listen to positive actions implemented on this topics, learn a lot about different cultures and traditions and practiced tolerance, respect and acceptance. Final results of the project will be a local action of presentation of Blue Campaigns developed by participants during the exchange; published E-booklet – explaining what the youngsters have learned during the exchange and archived the environmental campaigns they have developed during the YE, easy and enjoyable to read that can be used as a tool in promotion of environmental protection in the future as open resource material; video that will speak about the exchange and what experience it brings to youngsters and 40 environmental digital postcards with affirmative messages that will be widely spread by participants themselves. Results of the project will be the participants that can be seen as multipliers that will transmit the awareness gain to peers around Europe and beyond, through the created E-booklet, video and E-postcards.







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