Play in the sand

19. March, 2019.

If anyone asks what Murter is known for, one of the answers would be to be the beautiful sandy beaches. It was indeed, the...

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The world of reptiles

12. March, 2019.

On Saturday, 9th March, our Ecopatrol children got acquainted with snakes, turtles, lizards, chameleons, and many other cold-blooded, scale-covered animals that belong to the...

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The Awake of Nature

5. March, 2019.

Spring is coming with it, a nice time. That is why our Eco-patrols will increasingly be maintained in nature. We started this Saturday with...

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Sea ecosystems

28. February, 2019.

Saturday, 23th February, ecopatrol children explored sea ecosystems. They started by learning something about life in the ocean and in its three most important...

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12. February, 2019.

Saturday’s Eco-Patrol has started very seriously. In the middle of the table, there were various items, and settled around, small Eco-scientists, four of the...

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Something about evolution

5. February, 2019.

Ecopatrol conductor: “Do you know what evolution is?” Children: “What? Revolution?” Evolution is a process of adaptation of a population to the environment. To...

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Climate change

22. January, 2019.

After the winter holidays, we finally greeted the first eco-patrol of the year with a global topic: climate change. Our children didn’t know much...

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Murter Christmas Square.

18. December, 2018.

Our strenuous eco-elves (patrol kids) this Saturday, with song and laughter, completed Christmas decorations to make everything ready for the ‘Murters Corner’ in the...

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Argonauta’s eco-Christmas

14. December, 2018.

Eko Božić (“eco-Christmas”) is an Argonauta’s campaign within the Murter-Kornati Municipality’s program “Božić je u mome mistu”. With it, we want to encourage children...

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Little Argonautes Elves

10. December, 2018.

Christmas this Saturday knocked us in Argonauta’s rooms and turned our playful Patrol-kids into little Eco-Elves. This time there was not much room for...

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