Watch out to our planet.

2. December, 2018.

This Saturday we started this Eco-Patrol with an offensive game: the fight against overcrowding, uncontrolled urbanization, illegal construction, excessive use of pesticides, and pollution...

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Watching the sky

26. November, 2018.

The dark Saturday was the perfect day for the workshop topic- METEOROLOGICAL ELEMENTS. We started this workshop by studying the clouds. There were not...

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Are our fishes eat plastic ?

14. November, 2018.

We started this eco-patrol only apparently lightly. Sitting all together, we looked at the cartoon ‘Planet Plastic and Pollution’ and the report ‘Micro-plastics in...

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23. October, 2018.

As this was just the second Saturday of Eco-Patrol, we had to get to know each other, of course, through the game. The Eco...

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E-booklet Recycle & Reuse

9. October, 2018.

The E-booklet was created within the ‘Children’s Educational Program'(summer 2018.) by the Argonauta association. The E-booklet contains a description of 6 creative workshops for...

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